That there is a treason

That there is a treason

According to the dictionary by Dahl, the concept "treason" is a synonym of incorrectness and treachery, it is change in feelings and actions in the opposite direction and also "artful transition, accession to the opponent". Such is the general sense of the word. But what is in this change and treachery?

Men and the women inclined to treason, often justify the incorrectness: treason is not equal to the most sexual intercourse. Possibly, the sense in it is, temporary or single communication happens not to the detriment of family. But sexual intercourse even if with the casual person – unless there is no treachery in relation to the one to whom was it is promised to be loyal? And treason is the most real treachery which is taken more painfully if sexual intercourse "on the party" happens on sympathy and is a consequence of love, becoming at the same time treason sincere.

Thus, the strong emotional connection, as well as sexual intercourse with other person when it becomes threat to the attitude towards the permanent partner / spouse, and is treason. Same it is possible to tell also about treason to the friend though in case of the friendly relations it is more appropriate to use other concept – "treachery". Therefore it is logical to add treason definition with the following: any acts and thoughts unfriendly in relation to the former satellite, the partner, the companion.

What was the treason nature, the fact it definitely causes mental anguish, offense. Experiencing sufferings, the person tries to get rid of pain, and radical actions can become his first rush: break in relations, anger splash, causing physical sufferings, revenge. If the person is not able to cope with the indignation, most often to such relations the end comes. Also it is connected with the fact that in family or in friendship the treason and treachery in a flash destroy trust and respect for the partner. However, having understood the prime cause and having carried out enormous psychological work on itself and the relation to a situation, treason can be worried and even to forgive. But here it is necessary to cite words of the literary classic of Anna Akhmatova: "Treason it is possible to forgive, and offense – it is impossible".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team