The adaptation period of children in kindergarten

The adaptation period of children in kindergarten

The first visit of kindergarten for the kid is his first experience of communication in collective. The first days, and perhaps months, happen the real check and test, not only for kids, but also for the family.

As practice shows, not all children accept a new situation. Many kids, I react tears to new people unfamiliar to them with whom it is necessary to spend time. Parting with mother for them heavy emotional blow. Therefore the child is more senior, the quicker he can adapt and adapt. 

The age, best and better to accustoming, for receipt in kindergarten 2.5-3 years.

You should not leave the kid for the first time days of adaptation for a long time. For the first day it is enough also 2 hours. The period of adaptation occurs at all differently, sometimes there is enough 1-2 weeks, and some need several months.

It is difficult to kid to adjust to the new mode and to get used to new requirements. Parents have to learn in advance the mode of that kindergarten to which want to send the kid and to observe a daily routine. First, it is necessary to accustom the child to a pot, in gardens to pampers not the place. It is also necessary to organize correctly night sleep of the child, sharp awakening leads only to whims and irritability in the mornings. It is much better when the kid wakes up in itself. The option is possible to awake the kid for 10 minutes earlier, let it will have an opportunity to luxuriate in a bed. The child has to be able to put on and to behave adequately both at a table, and in the game moments. The kid has to use tableware.

As little as possible emotional loadings. During adaptation to a garden, the kid for day experiences experiences. Therefore the situation of the house has to be usual, and all innovations have to be minimum. Even at the most painful accustoming of the child to a garden, parents very often make a mistake, beginning to punish and accuse the kid for hysterics and tears. From parents only the patience is required.

Having sent the child to a garden, mothers begin to find for kids less time. It is not correct. Young mother should not show such behavior to the child as he will feel that it was stopped loving. At a campaign home from kindergarten it is necessary to communicate with the child, to take an interest as he spent time and that was fascinating. When the child begins to tell with pleasure, about everything that occurs in a garden, so he already accustomed.

The main rule during adaptation is a care and love of the family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team