The agitated depression

The agitated depression

The agitated depression still often is called disturbing. From the scientific point of view, it is a special form of a psychosomatic disease. The person with such problem suffers from melancholy for some last events and from alarm for the future. Most often the similar problem meets at aged people. The agitated depression can arise because of dissatisfaction of life, problems with finance, disagreements with close people, etc.

Symptoms of the agitated depression

People with such disease often feel defective, helpless and with a heap of complexes. The depression is shown feeling of melancholy, alarm. At the same time the person feels depression, isolation, he reduces working capacity and there is no interest in life. The person with the agitated depression often thinks of the past, analyzes perfect acts that, in turn, does not allow to live quietly in the present and to reflect on the future. People around can notice at it problems with the speech, the increased physical activity, excessive emotionality and unreasonable concern.

Treatment of psychomotor excitement

At such disease only the psychiatrist can appoint the help. That there were no serious problems, the patient needs emergency aid as he can do harm not only himself, but also people around. The help at psychomotor excitement first of all consists in an immobilization of the person at whom the upper and lower extremities are fixed. Then the expert provides the urgent medicamentous help. For this purpose the tranquilizers helping to de-energize are generally used. Knocking over of psychomotor excitement happens by means of intramuscular and intravenous administration of neuroleptics to sedative effect. Most often the expert chooses aminazine which amount can vary from 25 to 100 mg. After decrease in excitement the doctor continues observation.


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