The Egyptian husband – what it?

The Egyptian husband – what it?

For most of people Egypt is pyramids, the warm Red Sea, wonderful palaces. At the same time, it and the magnificent anisic tea treating cold, both unsurpassed cotton and, of course, hot men.

Today enough the European women marry Egyptian male. It is worth remembering that it is other culture, other values and foundations in society. What will be the Egyptian husband and what from him to wait for?


So it developed that real men remained very little. What a difference – the Egyptian. The strong man undertaking practically all problems and responsibility is just a find for the European women. Besides, the man does not see reasons for admiration. According to the Quran and also the developed foundations, it is holy duty to support the wife and children. The women who got used to men's alcoholism and laxity are fascinated by Egyptian male.


Quite widespread situation. The man provides family, so, exercises control over all financial questions. He makes the decision that it is necessary to buy and that is not present. And such dictatorial manners extend not only to financial questions. They, as a rule, penetrate into all problems: what to carry, where to go and as it is correct to bring up the child. 

Hyper guardianship

The Egyptian male seeks to control everything. And most of them demand the full report from the wife. Need to call and report even if just came with the girlfriend into coffee shop. It awfully irritates the European women. Arguments of the man are about it simple and logical. They explain such behavior concern and care. Of course, such hyper guardianship is not always pleasant, but, after all, for the world in family, it is possible and to call the beloved husband once again.


For most of men cast – a taboo. These men will not wash the dishes or to vacuum. To their measures it is destiny of the woman. Even a cup of tea they need to pour also a tax.

Good mother

If you decide to send the child to kindergarten, the Egyptian male immediately will assure you that the children are sent to a garden only by bad mothers, and good mother is never tired of the child and is simply obliged to potter with it even to school.


Egyptians differ in the increased jealousy and emotionality. If you had a male fellow, forget about him. In Egypt, women are on friendly terms with women, and men with men. Also communication is not accepted married couples.

It is quite difficult to get used to the Egyptian mentality, but it is possible. If you chose to yourself in satellites the Egyptian male, then it is better to take an interest in advance that waits for you. Besides there is also a lot of advantages at such men. They are teetotal, romantic, cheerful, love the family and children. And a taboo on bikini? Unless this the most important in life?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team