The first child in family

The first child in family

Appearance of the first child not only joyful event, but also real test for young family. The relations of the man and the woman move to a new level and it is necessary to adapt to all changes. Spouses cannot spend the most part of free time together, care of the kid requires the considerable number of forces and attention.

New lifestyle

With the advent of the child to fall on parents considerable physical and psychological activity. The habitual abutment of life in many respects depending on personal regime of the kid who can not sleep at night changes and exhaust parents. Housework is added, more funds for new things are necessary. Such loading causes fatigue, irritation of both spouses.  

Accustoming to new life takes place easier if spouses represented in advance and discussed what changes it is necessary to introduce in life as habitual life will exchange. Therefore it is better when the pregnancy planned, and couple consciously goes on all consequences of the birth of the child.  

Emotional and spiritual bond between spouses  

Everyday load, lack of good rest, gradually alienate the man and the woman from each other. It is important to remember that having become parents of steam does not cease to remain spouses therefore it is necessary to find though a small amount of time and to carry out it together. Grandmothers and grandfathers can come to the rescue, it is possible to employ the nurse and to devote one of evenings each other. Discussion of joint plans, methods of education and development of the child, joint walks and games also unites family.  

Uniform approach to education of the child  

The man and the woman were initially brought up in various families, with different foundations and the moral principles. Therefore divergences in issues of education of their own child often meet. One parent punishes the kid, the second immediately feels sorry for him, is that from the father it is seldom possible to wait for a usual praise while mother indulges the child, carrying out all his whims.  

To parents have to discuss in advance the principles of education of the child, those qualities which they want to see in it. Over time discussion of such questions has to become a habit, the child grows his character, and perception of the world changes, all these factors in many respects depend on influence of parents.  

Unity of family, ability of spouses to make a compromise, to support each other pledge of happy family life.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team