The first kiss

The first kiss

Everything once occurs for the first time. If the girl has certain experience in the relations with guys, she risks to appear in unpleasant situations less. If the girl has relations with her beloved - very first, it is the best of all in advance to learn to foresee desires of the guy then not to look silly.

This disturbing the first potseluyv lives of the girl are such disturbing moments as the first appointment and the first kiss. If she hesitates and does not feel comfortable, at her the uncertainty in Sebha and own forces begins to appear. Because of it girls begin to think as to them to understand that the guy wants to kiss. Undoubtedly the kiss moment on the first appointment the most disturbing even if already the girl has an experience in the relations with men.

Experts advise if you feel that you begin to panic, you should try to relax. If you are too held down, you increase risk to make something silly and silly. After you calm down, observe behavior of the guy. If he plays with something all the time and often looks at your lips, undoubtedly, it is the first sign that he very much wants to touch you at least. Practice shows that after this sign appears, until the first kiss will pass of several minutes till several o'clock. Of course, the initiative can proceed not only from the male.

One more sign that the guy is going to kiss you is a small pause in a conversation. He tells something to you, and then becomes silent, slightly opens lips a little and looks you fool in the face. Also, if the guy wants to kiss you, he will surely go to you a little closer. Perhaps, he will take you by hand and will look at your lips, occasionally licking the. Useful tips to girls Also girls have a question of the equipment of a kiss. Here it is possible not to do anything, and just to try to enjoy the moment. You should not worry that you from the first could not understand the equipment and the partner's rhythm, the subsequent attempts will please you much more. Do not forget that with practice the experience comes for this reason if you cannot resist temptation any more, kiss its the first. It is not necessary to think that it will seem to the guy trite and dissolute. Think that you laid the foundation to higher relations. Of course, not each place will be suitable for so concerning moment. It is worth remembering what there has to be quite silent, and you have to be relaxed. An ideal situation for the first kiss is farewell, that moment when there is an awkward pause, and you look each other in the face. Here only you should not try to kiss the guy during the conversation, he can regard it as attempt to get rid of its chatter and just to take offense at you.

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