The first year in marriage. Advice to newlyweds

All know that the first year in marriage the most difficult. Young spouses face a set of problems. Newlyweds will be helped by the given advice.


1. It is necessary to build the family relations together therefore spouses have to make decisions together. Discuss all possible problems and affairs, listen to personal opinion of each other, consult and make the common decision. From the first days it will accustom your family to mutual understanding, will teach to support each other, the husband and the wife have to become a single whole the indestructible state.

2. Show a step and restraint in communication with the spouse. You only begin to get used and it is necessary to adapt to features of your darling. Over time you know each other better, will guess mood and to know about what and when it is worth speaking, but on the first couples, it is necessary to address delicately and tolerantly, you should not rush to shout at once if something is made, or is told not in the form accepted for you. Adapt to each other.

3. Begin to adapt to the new role gradually. The husband has to be a head of the family, and the wife his irreplaceable assistant. If everyone begins to pull a blanket on itself(himself) and to try to take reins of government in hand, it will be impossible to achieve mutual understanding. The husband needs to undertake necessary duties and responsibility, but it does not mean that he has a right to order and the wife is implicitly obliged to follow all its instructions.

4. When people appear so closely to each other, inevitably there are noticeable shortcomings which before the spouse were not noticed. You should not be engaged in re-education, communicate, quietly discuss everything that does not suit you, you reach compromise. All people have shortcomings, it is possible to get rid of some gradually, to adapt, get used to some, the main thing, to act together.

5. Initially you should not hope for matrimonial life similar to blissful paradise. The family relations need to be built every day, it is hard work which is performed by two. You look at everything with a positive. All people can make mistakes, only this way they can get necessary experience, become wiser. Consider all needs of your partner in life, seriously you treat his requests, at everything at the same time, do not lose courage, trust in a successful completion of affairs, encourage and support the soulmate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team