The first year of joint life: important rules

The first year of joint life: important rules

Very many couples break up, without having coped with adaptation to each other in the first year of family life. It is valid, very heavy to resist to a routine and to cope with escalating irritation. But it is necessary to do it.

Reconcile that the conflicts are inevitable

The family is under construction of the general habits and rituals, and it is very important to define in time who and for what is responsible in your small "cell of society". In the first year of joint life you "probe" borders of what is possible and that is not present, and it inevitably conducts to the conflicts. The main thing is to remember that this period will come to an end soon and not to lose mutual respect, remaining patient.

Sort out the conflicts unaided from outside

During a rose and candy stage the people try to prove from the best side, carefully hiding the shortcomings. But when they begin to live together in one apartment, it becomes from each other extremely difficult to hide something, and all defects become very quickly found. Here also problems begin.

The most important is to speak with each other and to solve the conflict together instead of addressing for council friends or relatives. Nobody knows your situation better you. Therefore any advice which you get will be useless, and often following to it will do even harm.

Do not compete with each other

It is not necessary to prove which of you main. The partners consisting in the mature healthy relations always aspire to a compromise which would satisfy both parties and did not infringe upon anybody's interests. Look for an exit together, without trying "to draw a blanket on themselves", and your mutual respect and trust will only grow.

Do not hesitate to ask

The partner - not the telepathist, and he is not able to read your desires. Do not hesitate to sound the desires and requests to each other, in it there is nothing shameful, on the contrary, it will increase your chances to receive the desirable. But be ready that your partner can refuse your request; the refusal has to be supported with an explanation why the request cannot be complied.

Keep the habits

The fact that people live together does not mean at all that they have to become uniform whole. All of them are also different persons with different desires, habits and weaknesses, and you should not forget about it or to try to change it. Of course, there are common desires and traditions, but you should not refuse the originality. After all, you fell in love with each other such what you are, so why to insist on cardinal changes?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team