The girl has a guy: how to achieve her love

The girl has a guy: how to achieve her love

At a meeting with the young girl the guy has a natural desire - to win it. And not always she is free. It is possible to achieve its arrangement and love, but only it is necessary to make every effort also creative abilities. Your acts first of all have to show it, than you it is better and more reliable than her young man.


1. Become it another. It will help you to approach the girl, to know about her environment, outlook better. On the basis of the obtained information build the further plan of its gain. Pay special attention to qualities which are not pleasant to it in men or in darling. And under no circumstances do not show them.

2. Be firm in the intentions. Girls like to pokapriznichat that granted their desires. So accompany it, do not recede at the slightest difficulty. It is important that you were keen on the events, then you will be able to attract the corresponding interest of it.

3. Surprise with surprises. Be not afraid to invite to a "friendly" appointment, to give flowers. Especially girls are attracted by creativity in the relations: arrange a meeting in the balloon, offer an excursion on the night city. If there is an opportunity, hold an appointment by motor ship or the boat. Nothing the girl's heart as romantic atmosphere and reverent attitude to it so concerns.

4. At the first stage of forming of the relations focus attention on friendship not to frighten off the girl. Give it the chance to recognize you closer, to see your care. At the same time unostentatiously flirt, summoning interest and kindling passion fire.

5. You watch the appearance. Well-groomed and with taste the dressed guy always attracts genuine interest of women. In many cases the clothes can tell a lot of things about the owner: habits, taste, style, neatness, character.

6. Be honest with the girl. Often the lie promotes break in relations. And it in this case is definitely not necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team