The Great Wall – the interesting facts

The Great Wall – the interesting facts

The Great Wall represents a fortification which is allocated with the huge extent. It from stones and clay is laid out. In spite of the fact that history of this construction contains not one decade, still scientists reveal new secrets of the Chinese wall. The wall begins with the mountain of Hushan and comes to an end in the Province of Gansu. If today it is the known monument culture, then initially the wall had to protect China from approach of nomads.

The interesting facts about the Great Wall

This construction is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as a majestic historical sight. Besides, it is one of the most visited places around the world. To look every year at the most long construction there come 40 million tourists.

The interesting facts about the Chinese wall:

  1. To fix stone blocks unusual mix which sticky rice porridge and extinguished lime entered was used.
  2. One of features of construction was that each tower has to be in direct visibility two next that allowed military to transmit quickly each other signals of approach.
  3. Three sites of a wall are made of marble of violet color, they are the strongest and beautiful. Here let not all tourists.
  4. The Chinese wall is considered the biggest cemetery in the world as during construction more than one million people died.
  5. The Great Wall is not included into the list of wonders of the world of the ancient world, but in modern ratings it is included nevertheless.
  6. Length of the Great Wall km is 8851, but on some sources taking into account all branches and sites built during all the time is 21197 km. As for width, it is 5-8 m.
  7. Height of the Chinese wall is 6.6 m, but there are hotel sites where the distance is increased to 10 m.
  8. Many consider that the construction can be seen from the space station, and without special constructions, but actually it not so.
  9. There is a marathon called the Great Wall when participants run a certain distance on a crest.
  10. When in China there took place the Cultural revolution, many stones from a wall were stolen and used them for building of houses and other constructions.
  11. According to scientific research the assumption is made that the sites of a wall located in the northwest, most likely, will disappear for 20 years. To all fault not only environment, but also activity of the person.

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