The husband changes: action plan

The husband changes: action plan

Treason of the husband, as a rule, will painfully wound the spouse. Only those marriages in which partners agreed about the free, not obliging to fidelity each other relations can become an exception. But it is not enough similar families in our country, it is much bigger in what the marital fidelity is perceived as something self-evident, and treachery causes many problems to participants of a love triangle.

Before sounding the alarm, make sure: whether the husband actually changes. Quietly analyze: on the basis of what facts did you make the conclusion that the spouse to you is incorrect? Perhaps, his fault is unsubstantiated or has weak proofs. If about incorrectness of your husband you were hinted by acquaintances, girlfriends, colleagues, etc., but you do not notice anything suspicious in behavior of the spouse, stop and just observe. Remember that others family happiness becomes frequent the reason of envy of many people who did not manage to find it. Perhaps, around you purposely dismiss gossips to cause your family serious problems.

There are some signs on which it is possible to understand whether the husband changes you. Frequent delays from work, the repeating phone conversations behind closed doors, active communication on the Internet which stops immediately as soon as you approach close the computer infinite business trips and watches on the weekend – all this can specify on one or the other: or your spouse – the workaholic, or at him really is other woman.

There is also a mass of other signs of treason: passivity of the spouse in a bed, irritability which is adjoining on rage in relation to you, the increased criticism in your party or, on the contrary: flowers, gifts, infinite apologies in everything, etc. All this optional means that the husband to you is incorrect, but generates certain doubts concerning his honesty.

If your husband is caught and completely exposed in treason, the strategy of your behavior will depend completely on the unique purpose, namely: whether you want to leave family or wish to keep your marriage. In the first case you are able to afford, anything, for example: to make grandiose scandal with a beating of plates and it is proud to slam the door or to divorce silently from the section of property and other obligations. The unfaithful husband in this case will be punished as you will wish that.

In case adultery for you not an occasion to pull down family, is the most reasonable to begin steps to reconciliation not with a beating of plates, and with straight family talk in private. Do not constrain the feelings, let your husband see how it is sick and unpleasant to you from the fact of its incorrectness. Try that he felt all that degree of your disappointment in it which you test. Firmly tell the spouse that you forgive similar last time.

What will in this case – solve a punishment measure to you, some spouses enter a long-term taboo on sex, others, on the contrary, try to use to the maximum sexual energy of the spouse which it spent for other woman. Those women who consider that they betrayal of the wife – the best option of revenge, often admit then the mistake and get confused in incorrectness problems even more.

And, finally, a piece of good advice to all married women, as faced a problem of treason of the second half, and that whose men are loyal: be not dissolved completely in the spouse, do not lose own "I", find time for hobbies, self-improve and comprehensively develop! Your image should not be associated at your husband with image of the housewife in a dressing gown, be different, interesting, socially active and the problem of unfaithfulness will stop being for you relevant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team