The husband is 12 years more senior: what ""reefs"

The husband is 12 years more senior: what ""reefs"

Marriages in which the man is significantly more senior than the woman meet not too often. They have an advantage: as the husband is more skilled and, as a rule, is already provided, he manages to construct strong family. However, alas, such option has also shortcomings.

Questions of equality in family

Almost for certain in family where the man is 12 years more senior than the woman, the questions of equality will not arise. The husband will be always stronger, cleverer, is more skilled, so, he will be also a head of the family. In case it with care and respect concerns the spouse, problems will not be. However, unfortunately, there is a risk that the man in this situation will become a tyrant. Often husbands who are much more senior than wives do not take opinion of the soulmate into consideration and very badly perceive not only any criticism in the address, but also simple unwillingness to execute their orders. To avoid such troubles, the woman should think in advance of distribution of duties in couple and also to try to gain respect and trust of the spouse.

One more characteristic reef – excessive pride of the man who won heart of the young and attractive girl. The effect amplifies if the wife is still absolutely young and inexperienced. Having grown proud and having bragged away before acquaintances, friends, colleagues and relatives, the man raises the self-assessment. Further he can continue it to raise due to belittling of merits of the wife. Cavils, scandals and a habit to specify to the woman "her place" – characteristic signs of the wrong relations in family. Of course, such reef, fortunately, breaks not each love boat, however and about it it is worth worrying, especially if disturbing signs already appeared.

Other problems in marriage

If both spouses are still young, the difference in 12 years is not too essential. However over time it will become much more noticeable. First of all it is about sexual life of spouses. The skilled, mature man can teach much the very young girl. However if it is about couple where the woman already reached blossoming, found necessary experience and began to need sex more, than youth, and the man already had first problems with potency, there can be a number of problems. Over time these problems can be aggravated. However to be saved from them or it is possible to solve already arisen difficulties if it is correct to take care of health of the man. Other problem – different interests and a different rhythm of life. This complexity, on the contrary, usually arises at young couples. When to the girl 20, and the man 32, them it can be a little uncomfortable together as the spouse not too seriously treats very young girlfriends of the beloved, and cheerful pastime is already not so significant for it as earlier. Different priorities can also affect family life, especially if the man already achieved career development and spends at work much time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team