The husband threw: how to worry

The husband threw: how to worry

If you were thrown by the husband, then this yet not most terrible that could occur in life. Just this difficult period needs to be worried. How? To find forces to begin new and happy life.


1. To be away on vacation. The easiest way to distract from leaving of the spouse – it is cardinal to change scenery. If there is no opportunity to leave for a long time then spend days off somewhere in the country. These days it is possible to dare to switch-off phone, to refuse communication with mutual friends, to stay alone.

2. Not to become reserved. The loneliness does not mean yet that it is necessary to think of what occurred constantly. It is rather simple to spend time with advantage for himself – to watch favourite movies and series, to read books to which were too busy because of infinite household chores.

3. To change image. The most popular way of fight against a stress at women – change of appearance. It helps to feel the updated person who had a chance of new happy life. Leaving of the husband is an extra reason to make with the appearance what was not allowed earlier. For example, to be recoloured from the blonde in the brunette or red. Here everything depends on your imagination and desires, you the hostess of the life now, but not someone else.

4. To rethink the life. Leaving of the spouse, of course, very few people pleases, but if to look at a situation on the other hand, then it is an occasion to begin new life. Estimate pluses of the free life: it is not necessary to make more constantly breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to wash dirty others things, to iron uncountable quantity of shirts and t-shirts. Now you the own master, is also no need to report to someone for the acts and affairs.

5. To plunge into work. Now you can give more time to the career. Several additional shifts are also an increase to the salary. And you, by the way, can spend it only for the discretion now. A great number of women after leaving of husbands find forces to make really good career, to improve the financial state, to achieve great success. This reception in the people is called "use of energy in the peaceful course".

6. To get acquainted with the new man. To distract itself from sad thoughts, it is enough to bring to itself the new gentleman. For a start also acquaintance on the Internet where it is possible just to communicate to the person will approach. Do not forget also about appointments. The best way to feel the woman is to try to catch on itself delighted looks of men. Make appointment, carefully prepare for them, cheerfully you spend evenings not to suffer from thoughts of leaving of the husband.

7. Get rid of its things. If they are not necessary to it, then will throw out. If it just did not take away them yet, then remove from eyes far away. The less you will see them, the quicker will be able to release the past from the life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team