The insincere smile is unhealthy

The insincere smile is unhealthy

is necessary to smile sincere. The insincere smile is harmful to the general state of health. It was said by the American scientists. Separately, the insincere smile leads not only to bad mood, but also reduces working capacity.

Such result, stunned scientists. Till this time all experts agreed in opinion that it is necessary to smile, is not even more sincere. It is necessary for general welfare of people. If you are at work. As, the administration always wishes to see the employees only in good mood. Besides, people who constantly go with a gloomy face are absolutely unpleasant to colleagues.

Scientists proved that the frequent and insincere smile leads to a deep depression with which then it is almost unreal to get out. Therefore, experts advise to smile only sincere.

Besides, scientists said that it is impossible to force itself to smile at all. It leads an organism only to emotional exhaustion.

In such research people who are forced to smile at work agreed to take participation. For example, this number included drivers. Scientists watched them within two weeks. It became clear that the insincere smile to passengers led drivers only to bad mood. At the same time, all of them time felt bad.

Psychologists advise to look narrowly at people who insincere smile. They cannot be trusted. It is easy to distinguish sincere from not a sincere smile. To look at the main thing in addition on eyes. If corners of eyes rise the person means smiles to you more sincerely and then it is possible to trust him. And if the upper part of the face motionless during a smile, then it feigning.

Still it is necessary to look narrowly also on the smile. If the smile rises up the direction to eyes it an additional factor means that it is sincere. At once it is noticed as also cheeks rise. Also wrinkles around eyes and sacks under them become a little bit visible, and eyelids are narrowed at this time.

Thus, experts advise to be always attentive and to look narrowly as the person to smile. Especially it is important in a business community. Such people not only cannot be trusted, but it is the best of all not to contact them absolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team