The interesting facts about animals

The interesting facts about animals

As a rule, our acquaintance to the world of wild animals happens in zoos which do not give the chance to understand how representatives of wild fauna in wildlife behave. However scientists-zoologists and just the fans of the nature watching their habits provide us the interesting facts about life of animals.

10 interesting facts about animals

  1. Surprisingly, but pigeons which are considered to be messengers of peace and exclusively noble birds in many countries are called winged rats. Such scornful alerted attitude towards them is caused by the fact that the pigeons living in the city eat from garbage dumps today, is free or involuntarily, becoming carriers of various infections.
  2. Unusual fish sargan – very tasty, but frightening off fans of fish delicacies in green color of bones and greenish coloring of scales and meat is found in the Black Sea.
  3. The highest animal – a giraffe which height can reach 5.5 meters. At him and the longest neck, at the same time cervical vertebras he has as much how many and the person – 7. And here heart at it – the biggest of all inhabitants of Earth. It weighs nearly 12 kg and has very thick walls as it should overtake blood to the brain of an animal which is at big height. And pressure at it too the highest.
  4. Among the improbable facts about animals - information on inhabitants of sea depths: octopuses and cuttlefishes – owners of blue blood and three hearts. It is remarkable that these mollusks have the structure of an eye, identical with the person. Scientists-ichthyologists claim, as the octopus, and a cuttlefish are much cleverer than fishes and the fellows mollusks.
  5. All know that the camel can long time (up to two weeks) to do without water. However not he one is capable of it. The facts testify to animals, the giraffe can not drink more long time, and the rare kangaroo rat does not drink at all: to her the moisture received from food which it absorbs suffices.
  6. Now, several words about striped: about zebras and tigers. At the last – strips decorated not only fur, but all leather, and strips on a skin at a zebra go only in a certain sequence: black, and then – white. And all because scientists consider that actually at a zebra a black color, and on it – white strips. Though some approve the return …
  7. And now – the interesting facts about animals who have unique languages. The smallest language belongs to a lovely rodent – a dwarfish belozubka. Its size does not exceed 4.5 cm, and it weighs less than 2 g. And here at a chameleon the language can be thrown out on the distance comparable and a half length of his trunk. The bat possesses language which length exceeds length of her body three times. At a cow length of language depends on age of an animal, and at all of the known giraffe language, unlike other mammals, black color.
  8. Among fauna there are handsome men and freaks. The surprising facts about animals confirm that the ugliest among animals it is considered to be a hairless mouse, a shark goblin, the Spanish turtle of the matamat covered with outgrowths in the form of thorns and also practically all representatives of wing-handed animals – bats.
  9. As they say in the known saying, chicken – not a bird, however one of them decided to disprove this statement and went to flight. It lasted, however, not for long – only 13 seconds, but, after all …
  10. It is considered to be that the bear most longer sleeps. But it not so, he falls into hibernation to worry winter. And here the obvious championship in a dream among fauna is occupied by lions who can sleep till 20 o'clock in day as, by the way, and polecats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team