The interesting facts about lefthanders

The interesting facts about lefthanders

In ancient times the people at whom the left hand is dominating were considered as sorcerers. Still it was considered terrible defect. Today any differences between right-handed persons and lefthanders do not exist. According to the statistical fact about lefthanders of only 10-12% of people on the earth have the dominating left hand. The conducted researches and surveys showed that lefthanders have the talent connected with art.

The interesting facts about lefthanders

By the way, according to the same statistics among people who usually use the left hand more men, than women.

The interesting facts about lefthanders:

  1. With the dominating left hand it is rather simple to people to learn to use other extremity, and here it is difficult to right-handed persons to develop the left hand. Only 1% of people on Earth can masterfully use both the right, and left hand.
  2. Thanks to the conducted researches it was succeeded to establish that among lefthanders there are more alcoholics and schizophrenics therefore they live 3 years less right-handed persons.
  3. Today it is accepted to celebrate The day of lefthanders which falls on August 13.
  4. One more fact about lefthanders is connected with the fact that the levorukost is descended.
  5. Statistically premature children most often are lefthanders.
  6. Thanks to observation of scientists it was succeeded to establish that to learn about that there will be a child the lefthander or the right-handed person it is possible in the childhood. For this kid it is necessary to put on a stomach and if the child the lefthander, then it turns the head to the left side and vice versa. Similar action, can be also coincidence.
  7. Poll allowed to establish that lefthanders are more emotional therefore safely show the anger and discontent.
  8. At women who decided on the child's birth after forty years most often is born lefthanders.

With the dominating left hand it is possible to distinguish Napoleon, Einstein, Obama and Leonardo da Vinci from the most famous people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team