The interesting facts about love

The interesting facts about love

The love is really magic feeling though more often it is possible to hear that love experiences are caused only by a number of biochemical reactions in our organism. But anyway, such emotions some of the most unusual, they change our body and views. We chose the most interesting facts about love.

10 facts about love

  1. Experiments showed that chances to find the soulmate much above in an extreme situation, than in usual conditions.
  2. Scientists consider that love can proceed no more than a year, such bright emotions are caused by active release of hormones, and on it considerable energy consumption is required. Therefore over time the passionate love is replaced by feeling of affection for the partner.
  3. Love does us by less critical in relation to a love object therefore throughout long time we do not notice obvious shortcomings of the beloved.
  4. The wedding ring for the first time appeared in Egypt. Egyptians carried it on a ring finger as considered that through it there passes the vein which is going straight to heart.
  5. When we embrace darling, in an organism the development of oxytocin begins. This hormone takes off pain so the love is an also quite good anesthetic.
  6. One more entertaining fact about love: the Japanese Samurais considered that the female love makes them weaker and vulnerable therefore they preferred intimacies with men.
  7. Researches show that beauty of women depends on the period of a menstrual cycle. The most attractive they it seems to men in the period of an ovulation.
  8. Euphoria from feeling of love is similar to effect of intake of cocaine.
  9. The psychological fact about love: for many women the happy men seem less attractive.
  10. Not so long ago researchers established that the heart symbol for the first time appeared in Ancient Greece and was copied from female buttocks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team