The interesting facts about massage

The interesting facts about massage

It is difficult to meet the person who would refuse the professional massage allowing to relax, get rid of possible pain and even to restore health. There are improbable facts about massage which remain unknown for the ordinary person, about them and will talk. By the way, the word massage in translation from Arabic, means – to press gently.

The interesting facts about massage

Massage appeared in an extreme antiquity, so Hindus and Chinese used it to recover from rheumatic pains, dislocations, and other problems.

The interesting facts about massage:

  1. Massage can be used in the medical purposes, for example, it helps to improve breath at cough, to get rid of a headache and a stressful state.
  2. To relax, best of all to carry out massage of the head. Besides, it helps to stimulate growth of hair.
  3. On force of recovery action on an organism the hour of massage can be compared from eight o'clock a dream.
  4. It is recommended to do massage right after the strengthened physical occupations that will allow to increase amount of nitrogenous substances and also to improve a conclusion of lactic acid.
  5. One more fact about massage concerns what the person cures nothing as touches which activate process of production of endorphin – hormone of the happiness improving mood and reducing pain.
  6. Light massage of a brush leads to delay of a warm rhythm and a lowering of arterial pressure.
  7. Manual massage is unique as it is impossible to reproduce it otherwise today.

In end it would be desirable to tell that not only people love massage, but also whales-gorbachi who are ready to hold for hours the head over water that it was ironed. In Australia on farms mass backs of pigs that stimulates their growth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team