The interesting facts about soccer

The interesting facts about soccer

A huge number of men and women is interested in soccer. They go to matches, know all teams and names of players. For years of popularity of this team game gathered much interesting information. For example, this sport is officially forbidden in six countries of the world, Afghanistan and Greenland treats them.

The interesting facts about soccer and football players

This team game was known in Ancient Greece and Rome. Since then it became very popular and annually on December 10 the world day of soccer is celebrated.

The interesting facts about soccer:

  1. The longest match for all history of soccer was held in 1981 and lasted of exactly 65 o'clock and 1 min., starting with the first and till August third. It passed in Kerry between two Irish teams.
  2. One more interesting fact about football players – the Brazilian player Pinheiro became known that he is a champion on goals in gate of the team. In one season he scored 10 goals. Team fellows even presented it for birthday a gift – Remember a compass with an engraving, the opponent on that party.
  3. For all history two cases when judges showed to themselves a red card are known. One removed itself(himself) to exclude the possible conflict with the goalkeeper, and the second – for a fight with one of players.
  4. The interesting fact about soccer, to be exact – the penalty history. In 1891 the expert in soccer from Ireland John Penalti suggested to punish players for rough behavior or for a game a hand in the penal platform.
  5. The largest account registered for lifetime of popular team game – 149:0. The match took place on Madagascar. The thing is that the lost team just suited a protest because of the unfair decision of the judge and began to score goals in the gate.
  6. A huge number of people is considered that war between Honduras and El Salvador which lasted six days arose because of loss in a football match of the playoffs.
  7. One more interesting fact about soccer – the most known goal scored by a hand for all history of existence of a game is called God's Hand. Diego Maradona in the 51st minute scored this goal in 1986.
  8. Nearly 80% of all soccerballs manufacture in Pakistan. It is also worth noticing that in work child labor is used, but every year this situation changes to the best.

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