The interesting facts about stars

The interesting facts about stars

Stars as objects of a research attracted people always. In ancient times they were worshipped, and modern scientists on the basis of studying their behavior predict existence of the Universe on many millions of the years ahead. In this article the interesting facts about stars.

The interesting facts about stars in the sky

  1. People got used to consider that stars are scattered on the sky on the single, but it not so. Actually they exist in couple, communicating with each other by means of attraction force. In one system maybe it is more than two stars, but after all binary are widespread more.
  2. White dwarfs call dead stars which have planet radius, but star density. It is impossible to notice them therefore it is not possible to count their exact quantity. The Sun when its red phase terminates will become such dwarf in the future also. The truth will leave on it many million years. And it is one more fact about stars in the sky.
  3. Rather big star in a size can turn into a black hole. Its improbable weight does it not by what to others as the space bend which is sucking in in itself everything that is in limits of its gravitational field, even light.
  4. And here one more interesting fact about stars: neutron stars are a certain golden mean between white dwarfs and black holes. At their formation matter of a neutron worsens, all positively charged protons and electrons are eliminated and remain only neutrons working as a gravitational lens. The most powerful gravitation bends light around a star, and some representatives under the influence of these forces make a huge number of turns second, letting out the blinking radiation.
  5. Supernova call a hyper massive star because the century it is short – it literally burns itself. Scientists believe that the maximum weight of such star cannot exceed the weight of the Sun more, than by 120 times.

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