The interesting facts about the nature

The interesting facts about the nature

Really, on Earth there is a lot of it that does not give in to understanding and does not find a logical explanation. When we look for the surprising facts about the nature, we find them everywhere, sometimes without noticing what unusual is near us. Admiration, surprise, and, sometimes, and fear cause some natural phenomena.

The mysteries of the nature are the interesting facts

The world surrounding us is full of unsolved secrets:

  1. Despite the high level of development of science, scientists cannot still solve the fireball nature. Meetings of people of a fireball take place infrequently, however the only thing that is known precisely, - for the person a meeting with it, as a rule, does not promise anything good.
  2. The moving stones located in Death Valley in California (USA) are surprising. Long time scientists did not accept the facts of their movement, including them effective tricks. However researches proved that stones really move, and pretty fast: 25-30 kg weighing separate copies in a year they pass more than 60 meters. There are no intelligible explanations why so occurs, yet.
  3. Among the interesting facts about the nature not the last place is taken by a phenomenon of the singing dunes. It is noted that at strong winds the sandy dunes begin to sing on different voices, than horrify casual travelers. The nature of emergence of these sounds is still not studied.
  4. The huge interest of scientists, travelers and fans of the nature is caused by so-called lentiform clouds which quite often take for the ships of newcomers. Being formed between two layers of air, they the form really remind the UFO. At the same time one more their feature is revealed: they can remain long time on one place even at very strong wind gusts, without changing the form reminding a lens.

We always need to remember that the person – a part of the nature, and then it will slightly open to us the secrets and will allow to learn the new facts about the nature and those processes which we cannot explain yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team