The interesting facts about women

The interesting facts about women

Many men are sure that all know about women: they are always late, have no logic, suffer from differences of mood, etc. Actually it is not all interesting facts about women as, whatever one may do, and women are a riddle. By the way, information offered below will surprise even ladies.

The most interesting facts about women

It is noticed that women do not like to sit empty-handed and they need to finger constantly something or to touch. For example, they can pull a belt from a bag, a hem of a dress or a scarf. Still interesting observation – when women go uphill or go down from it, they move sideways, and men just place more widely than a leg.

10 comparative facts about women:

  1. Women blink twice more often than men.
  2. At men the heart is 20% more women's, and for a brain this number is less – 10.
  3. When the lady ties a dressing gown belt, does it above a navel, and the man, on the contrary, lower. As is well-known ladies like to talk and they do it 30% more than representatives of an opposite sex. Perhaps, it is caused by the fact that women need communication 1.5 times bigger.
  4. In comparison with men of the lady are guided in the dark better and they perfectly developed peripheral sight.
  5. On a hot surface of the woman tiptoe, and representatives of an opposite sex on heels.
  6. Ladies deceive twice less.
  7. Women breathe a breast, and men can do it by a stomach and a breast, and is sometimes mixed.
  8. If to ask the woman to show hands, then she by all means will stretch them palms down, and the man will make it on the contrary.
  9. Ladies have much more flavoring receptors.
  10. At a subject raising with a big weight, the lady moves it aside, and the man continues to hold it before himself.

According to the statistics of 85% of women wears a bra of the improper size, and many Japanese even sleep, without removing it. One more amusing fact about the woman – for all life of the lady is eaten by about two kilograms of lipstick or lip gloss. When women shake hands, they never squeeze it.

The improbable facts about women

  1. The smoking women practically never clamp a cigarette teeth and do not hold it in a mouth as it always at them is in hands.
  2. Many women, when want to throw something, they do not raise back, and take a hand aside. If to call the woman, then she will turn only the head, and the body will not.
  3. At the woman for all life duration of periods is about four years.
  4. Many ladies during the occupations sex think how they look and worry concerning the appearance.
  5. Women famous for the emotionality smile more often men, but at the same time and they cry at four o'clock more often.
  6. The woman – Ada Lovelace was the first programmer in the world.
  7. Women can perceive at the same time information from several sources and hearing at them is better, than at men.
  8. The highest IQ on the earth at the woman – 196.
  9. Statistically each 90 seconds in the world one woman perishes during pregnancy or at childbirth.
  10. Scientists in London conducted numerous researches thanks to which it was succeeded to learn that ladies with long, in comparison with anonymous, a forefinger, have more chances to become successful sportswomen. First of all it concerns big tennis and track and field athletics.

And finally one ridiculous fact about women – after washing of the head practically all representatives of a fine half of mankind roll up hair a towel in the form of a turban even if they have no long head of hear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team