The main errors of those who cannot marry

The main errors of those who cannot marry

It is possible to list the mass of the reasons stopping men from marriage. In article the most widespread, typical mistakes which are made by the women who are unsuccessfully seeking to legalize the relations with the beloved are considered.

1. Lack of a positive "picture of the future"

About marriage the mass of jokes in which for the man it is represented as something unnecessary and awful goes. Any man sees before himself the mass of negative examples of family life. Would be strange if seeing for itself such "picture of the future", he sought to appear in its center. Even being adjusted on marriage, not considering it in the most unpleasant aspects, the man is not ready to start a family with any of women. And having only met the woman with whom he will see the future such what he wants, he will be ready to make her by a part of the life. At some women intuitively it turns out to give to the man similar positive vision of joint life. At others, on the contrary, it turns out to force the man to believe that life after the wedding with it will be not such at all.

The woman perfectly understands, arriving at an idea that wants to become the wife to any given man what will be their joint life. But does not understand what the man sees their family life what it is represented to him with it. And then there is an involuntary question: that the woman made in order that the man came to a conclusion: "Here she is that woman with whom my life will be such what I want to see it"?

2. Low value of the relations

To feed with a lunch, to provide a cosiness and an order in the house, practically each woman can have sex. Similar aspects do not do you that by the valuable woman whom the man would not like to leave. Those relations in which the man is accepted it what he is are of the real value, allow it an impulse to become even better. Though men are also frightened such concept as "spiritual proximity", but it does the relations with the specific woman really unique and valuable. It is enough to give an example of love of Peter I and his wife Catherine I. Being an ordinary serf, she could become for Peter that close woman whom he not only married, but also made her the empress, having left it the throne. And it in spite of the fact that Peter had a mass of notable, beautiful, educated mistresses.

The woman perfectly understands for herself, than the relations with any given man are valuable to her. But does not think of what it is valuable to the man herself. And again there is an involuntary question: that she made in order that the man came to a conclusion: "Here she is that woman whom I always looked for"?

3. A civil marriage or the satiated relations

I happened to observe the mass of examples of how the woman surrounds the elect with care, sponsors him, always everything does for him that he wants. Her man always has a tasty dinner, excellent sex, understanding and support, care and attention. Especially if couple lives in a civil marriage. The man has everything that wants. But, nevertheless, with the woman does not aspire to a wedding. Certainly, the phrase "at it is quite fair here and so everything is". Once again I will place emphasis that it practical any woman and without creation of family can give all this. Often only the question of children forces the man to enter the marriage relations. It is possible if not pregnancy, then he would not take a step to creation of family. And if the woman for herself understands that she will give her marriage, then does not think of why suddenly and the man has to want the same. What will give it marriage? What he will receive after the wedding of that necessary and valuable that he cannot have without it. Therefore one more involuntary question becomes ripe: that she made in order that the man came to a conclusion: "In marriage with it I will receive much more, than I can have out of it"?

4. The requirement from the man to celebrate a wedding

The aspiration of women to officially issue the relations with the man are quite clear. Certainly, among men it is enough of those who treat marriage much more simply and more quietly. However nevertheless most of men perceives marriage as a responsible step. A step, had taken which there is no wish to be mistaken. The step which it is not simply ready to make and wants to make.

Without seeing at the elect neither readiness, nor desire to celebrate a wedding, some women begin to try to put all pressure of different force and intensity upon the man. It is obvious that if the man does not make offer, he means did not come to those key conclusions which are designated higher. Feeling pressure, seeing manipulations from the woman, experiencing at the same time the most various negative emotions to what conclusions, according to the woman, the man has to come as a result? Unless not to opposite? Perhaps, instead of demanding a wedding, the woman should asking herself a question which arises by itself: "What did I make in order that this man wanted to become my husband?".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team