The man does not want to bring children

The man does not want to bring children

Each family demands continuation. As it is fine to hear houses modulating children's laughter. But what to do if the husband does not want to get posterity?


1. Fear of responsibility. Perhaps, the man not against to bring the child, but he is not confident in the forces, thinks that he will not cope with such serious problem. As option, it is possible to get a dog. Feeling love of an animal, you understand that all efforts are rewarded. Invite on a visit family with children, let your man on a living example will see that the father not to be terrible at all, and it is absolutely natural. Tell about yourself as you were brought up and raised by the father.

2. Perhaps, the man is not up to the end not confident in the feelings to you whether he is ready to live with you all life? It is wrong to tie itself the child. If you married recently, then you should not hurry with children, at first it is necessary to construct a strong basis of the family relations. If you in each other, something does not arrange, it is worth understanding. Quietly discuss all questions and problems with the spouse.

3. The man claims that before to bring the child, at first it is necessary to get stronger financially, wants to feel confidence in tomorrow. The man wants the child to have all the best and if also the wife has high material inquiries, then he feels that not to cope and the question of the child is postponed until the best times. In that case reduce the requirements, show to the husband that you rather mostly necessary, and to the child first of all the love and care of parents, but not expensive things and toys are important.

4. If your husband already has children from first marriage, then the problem becomes complicated a little. The man could not estimate all joy of paternity and is afraid of repetition of history. Or just does not want to burden himself with the second child, one quite enough. Explain to the man that the child it not only some problems, the joyful moments block themselves all difficulties and cost all efforts.

5. The man can be afraid of the fact that with the advent of the kid his habitual way of life will be destroyed, all attention will be paid to the child. Still he can worry that pregnancy will Absolutely change appearance of the wife for the worse. Calm the husband that you are not going to put an end to yourself, the whole world does not come to an end on the child, there will always be you and it and for you it is also important to spend time with the beloved husband and to pay it attention. Tell that you like to be slender and attractive too, you make efforts that and was always.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team