The man hesitates of you – what to do and whether it is necessary?

The man hesitates of you – what to do and whether it is necessary?

Neither growth, nor weight, nor age, nor color of eyes or hair influence that girls want to be desired. To make conceited and to cause admiration everyone wants, especially when it comes to own young man. But what to do if, making a declaration of love, the man does not hurry to acquaint the darling with parents or friends, at cinema or restaurant calls seldom, and in general tries that meetings took place only alone? Willy-nilly there is a question – but whether it hesitates?

Having drawn an ideal image of the girl, many men fall in love with those who not always correspond to this ideal., It seems, and the love is, but at the same time there is also a complex concerning the fact that with his such girlfriend will ridicule. What to do to the poor girl in such situation?

Problems with external parameters

The most frequent reason of men's complexes concerning appearance of his girl. For friends it needs harmonious model, parents wait for acquaintance to an example of chastity. If the girl for 100% does not correspond to these parameters, the man has a shame for her.

In such situation it is necessary to understand, the relations with the man are how expensive that for the sake of them to change themselves – to get rid of couple of extra kilos, to delete piercing or tattoos, to change style in clothes. Perhaps, game is worth the candle, and the relations after change of an image will be ideal. And suddenly it will turn out so what new faults will be found and it is necessary to live, constantly adapting to others opinion? Behavior on lyudyakhizlishny modesty or inability to restrain and keep silent at the right moment. It is one more reason for complexes. The man was brought up by some rules, his darling – on others. A decency framework at everyone different, as well as rules of etiquette. And again it is necessary to look at himself from outside to understand whether remarks are reasonable and it is an occasion to work over themselves or these are simple cavils. In this case it is possible to ask for the help relatives and friends, having frankly asked that in your behavior and it it seems inadmissible and unseemly. Of a problem from a detstvamuzhchin, criticized in the childhood by own parents, not only will hesitate the girl, leaving it to be lost in riddles, he will constantly stick with shortcomings into a nose. Children's complexes escape outside and find a target in the form of the girl on whom the criticism flows a never-ending stream. Children's problems – a concept difficult. Most likely, they will remain for the rest of life, and you and will be fat, ugly, not able to put on, behave – the list is infinite. Would you likeWould you likeWould you like to fall a victim of others complexes, in addition accumulating them and in yourself? Can be better to find the one who at one shortcoming will see 1000 advantages, and not vice versa? Making the decision whether to remain with the man who hesitates of you, or to find happiness with another, it is necessary to think only of himself and of the wellbeing. What do you have more to liking – admiration or constant shame for the discrepancy with others ideal?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team