The most expensive gift for the woman is an attention?

The most expensive gift for the woman is an attention?

Women often complain of lack of attention from darling. Men are often busy with creation of career, earning money, the self-realization. And do not even notice that their halves lack elementary attention.

Care and attention – the main manifestation of love

Some girls are sure that the most pleasant and expensive gift for them is the male attention. However not all men are ready to give it to the soulmates. To such behavior there is the explanation. The fact is that men are beings less emotional, than ladies. They express the feelings and emotions less often. Many of them consider that it is enough to make a declaration of love once that the woman knew that she is loved and desired.

Approximately the same situation develops also with phone calls. If the man is sure that you at work or do household chores, he will not call you 5 times a day and to ask how are you, to say that he missed. Often, he will just wait for the termination of the working day, and, having come home, will embrace you. And he considers that such behavior is normal. Moreover, men are often irritated by constant Sms during the day with gentle messages. They consider that they take away a lot of time and do not make sense.

In such situation the woman has to hint tactfully darling that it lacks attention.

How do lovers behave?

If the woman remembers time when the relations only developed, she will understand that at the first stage the man paid much more attention. There was also a correspondence on social networks both half-hour small talks, and appointments in the most non-flying weather. At a stage when the relations only arise, the man tries to control process, to show as much as possible attention, to call up and meet more often.

What happens to the relations on the expiration of time

When the relations become stable, the man calms down. He is not anxious any more that you can spend evening to the companies of other gentleman, and does not call constantly to learn your plans. But whether it means what the love passed? No, it is necessary to look back. The relations just move to higher level. And manifestation of attention now – the dinner made by it, the washed dishes, the bought your favourite sweets on the way home.

Women are so suited that only receiving enough attention, they feel necessary and favourite.

But you should not forget also about feedback. Always there is a wish to do something for that person from whom there is a return. If the woman is attentive to the beloved, tries to please him, cares and sometimes prepares surprises, then the man in reply shows the attention and the relations are harmonious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team