The new phenomenon in the female environment: the gay as the best friend

The new phenomenon in the female environment: the gay as the best friend

Male gays often become the best friends of girls. On the one hand, they partially remain men and can explain to the girlfriend of action of her boyfriends. With another - they are sensitive, capable to empathize and are ready to support in a difficult life situation.

The gay as the best friend - in what advantage of communication

Male gays with pleasure are on friendly terms with women. They communicate with them, adopt habits and a manner of behavior. Besides, gays like to discuss with girlfriends of a novelty of fashion, a diet, a procedure for targeting of beauty. They read together female magazines, discussing problems of relationship of men and women. Gays learn a lot of new in group of girlfriends and share the knowledge. And still they pay attention to men who turn near beautiful girls. Perhaps, among them the representative of nonconventional orientation who will react to courtesies and will become the permanent partner will get.

Male gays are often very sensitive. They see the dissimilarity on the others and have strongly complex. Therefore at communication with them it is necessary to be careful in statements.

How to be on friendly terms with the male gay

Each girl has to solve for herself, it is how close possible to let the man of nonconventional orientation in the life. Often gays become loyal and devoted friends, but after all they not absolutely the man and to you it is not necessary to expect from them a certain behavior. The gay will hardly volunteer to help to collect a case, to inform of heavy purchases, to repair the car. But he with pleasure will listen to the story of unfortunate love and will give advice how to endure parting. Or will share receptions by means of which it is possible to win any man. Girls do not compete to gays owing to the fact that representatives of traditional orientation are interested in them. Therefore they easily share with them the most intimate men's secrets.

Gays quickly find a common language with girls, and here friendship with men of traditional orientation is almost impossible. Therefore before acquainting the fellow gay with other friends, properly weigh everything pros and cons.

With male gays it is very convenient to go to various entertaining actions. On the one hand - there is always rather strong shoulder, the fellow girlfriend can take home or play a role of the beloved to take away not pleasant boyfriend. On the other hand, if really worthy man meets, the gay will not be against the girl began to communicate with him. Therefore recently it is very frequent in clubs, restaurants, at exhibitions it is possible to meet girls in the company of male gays. Such union is convenient to both, and often friendship continues for many years. Until the girl does not have a gentleman who promotes institute of traditional heterosexual family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team