The partner has a virtual novel: what should I do?

Having faced ""virtual treason"", we behave differently. What to undertake if you were convinced that at your half the virtual novel? And whether there is no your personal fault in it?


1. Virtual love - a fashionable craze. Virtual contacts, flirtation and even virtual sex are considered as safe and do not involve consequences in the form of responsibility for the relations. But nevertheless the virtual attachment is not so harmless as it seems. Any person will not remain unperturbable and indifferent, having found out that at his ""half"" the virtual novel, anyway this situation bears in itself smack of treason. And kind of he did not pretend to be quiet, the jealousy will make the life all the same miserable and to undermine the relations from within. How to react to ""virtual treason"" if the partner is not absolutely indifferent for you?

2. SKANDALESLI you are emotional, do not try to hide your unpleasant ""opening"" from the partner. Perhaps, scandal - the most correct that can be undertaken. Anyway, it is a litmus piece of paper, check of the relations on durability. What arguments "contra" can you adduce? For example, that you have difficulties in communication, in a bed as you know that your partner is engaged in ""it"" with foreign person on that side of the monitor. If the partner at least values you a little - he, at least, will think again and will cease to give love, tenderness, time and energy in virtual to ""invisible being"", so your relations will become stronger and will become warm and passionate. And if to assume that intimate correspondence can be used by ""competitors"" or ""ill-wishers"" - that the novel in Network will not seem to your half harmless and safe. Arguments can be any. The main thing - during a sharp showdown not to step over line and not to tell to the partner of such words destroying the relations which then you will not return back. Do not hide the pain from the partner, it is possible and will push away him from ""a game in love"" in the illusive world of the virtual relations.

3. NOTHING NOT VIZHUETOT the option will suit people who can behave, tolerant in questions of private life, or that who has ""finger in the pie"", in relationship with the partner there was a slight indifference, and on the party - intimacy. Perhaps, in this case it is better not to bring up a delicate question at all and to pretend that you it is not aware of business. The virtual relations leave in the real plane not often and the meeting most often - disappoints ardent virtual ""lovers"" in real measurement. So if to you all the same - release a situation, let it develops without your participation. After all, the partner, unlike you, does not change you physically and if you to him do not give the rest of something in the relations and the partner compensates it in Network - it is your fault. Everyone has the right to receive tenderness where it is given if ""matrimonial bonds"" ceased to please it long ago.

4. ACTIVE PROTIVODEYSTVIYENAIBOLY a productive way - the active relation to a situation. You found intimate correspondence - and, kind of to you it was not awkward, all the same will read it. It is not necessary to prick it the partner. Perhaps, just it is necessary to have a heart-to-heart talk, sincerely and kindly. After all, people can be mistaken and mistaken, substitute actual values imaginary. Do not exculpate with yourself: the virtual novel did not arise from scratch. Means, is not enough for your partner in the relations of the fact that he (she) receives from the ghost lover in network. Do not accuse him of perfidy. Everyone receives what he deserves. Begin with yourself. Perhaps you should start the virtual novel with your half, without allowing it to miss waiting for your arrival home? Perhaps, you are too stale and treat provocative subjects how the puritan, dooming your partner to the loneliness full of not satisfied desires? And whether long ago you gave flowers, gifts, invited your half in cafe, told the tender concerning words, or did something pleasant for the partner? Or perhaps the routine of family life concerned also an inner sanctum - a matrimonial bed, and in it became cold and it is not interesting? And whether you know that is wanted by your partner whether it is aware you of his desires, imaginations, requirements? If you honestly take a detached view of yourself, for certain make discoveries, unpleasant for yourself. In that case the most reasonable is to reconsider the relations with the partner and to estimate soberly: whether you are able to correct a situation whether there will be enough in you heat, tendernesses and patience to present to the partner what will attract it as a magnet to you? From good - the good is not looked for, and nature abhors a vacuum...

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team