The planet Mars – the interesting facts

The planet Mars – the interesting facts

The latest technologies allowed to collect the most complete information on Mars. What do we know about it? What similar lines do our planets and what interesting facts we have to know about Mars have?

On Mars the gravitation is weaker, than on Earth by 2.5 times. If to assume that the person weighing 45 kg will land on the planet, then he will feel so as if in it there were 17 kg. Such ease forces to move on the planet not a usual step, but jumps. Such jump will be three times higher, than on Earth if to jump, spending identical efforts.

The new interesting facts about the planet Mars

  1. People of Earth continually receive some messages from Mars. A large number of the Martian meteorites is scattered on all Earth. Therefore scientists managed to solve a lot of things about structure and properties of the planet, using space breed.
  2. On Mars, as well as at us, four seasons. Though there is a difference in season duration. On the Southern hemisphere of Mars summer usually hot, but not long. On Northern – it is longer. Besides summer in this part of the planet rather cool. Such distinctions are connected with a planet form – it has the extended orbit.
  3. On the surface of the planet often there are dust storms of planetary scale. The raged elements can proceed the whole month on terrestrial time. But the reason of emergence of such storms is not found yet. Scientists consider that because of it colonization of Mars is still impossible.
  4. Still Mars is called the two-faced planet as two hemispheres of the planet strikingly differ even externally. Perhaps, it is connected with the attacks of asteroids. It is indicated also by a huge funnel on the northern hemisphere of the planet. This crater on Mars on the area is comparable with the territory of our Europe, Asia and Australia combined.
  5. On the Northern hemisphere of Mars there are a lot of smooth and flat valleys while on Youzhny chains of mountains and craters are located.
  6. And on Mars there is a huge volcano which is considered the largest, from ever recorded on planets of the Solar system. The Martian volcano received the name – the Olympus. It exceeds height of our Everest three times and makes about 27 km.
  7. On the surface of Mars the most Grand Canyon – Mariner's valley which extends along the equator of the planet is also recorded.
  8. Mars is called by right the Red planet. On it there are practically no other shades. Though on Mars there are seas, lakes and the rivers. Many scientists incline that it speaks about the water past of the planet. But where water disappeared, so far remains a riddle.
  9. On the surface of Mars ice crystals remained. And water, in any kind, is connected with living organisms. It is necessary to find them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team