The planet Venus - the interesting facts

The planet Venus - the interesting facts

Astronomy - very fascinating science, and many people want to learn what interesting facts are known about the planet Venus.

The interesting facts about Venus

About Venus enter the list of 10 unusual facts:

  1. On the planet constantly there are storm rains, but instead of water precipitation drops out of sulfuric acid there.
  2. This planet has no satellite, Mercury can brag of it also, all other planets known to us have satellites.
  3. One day on Venus lasts not much less, than terrestrial year. One day is equal to 225 days there.
  4. On this planet the gravity is less, than on ours.
  5. In the atmosphere of Venus of most of all carbon dioxide.
  6. One more interesting fact, is that Venus is surrounded with dense clouds, they so dense that now visually it is not possible to investigate the surface of this planet by means of technical devices practically. Carbon dioxide and also the fact that in the atmosphere of Venus the clouds filled with acid can be formed create such effect.
  7. Despite impossibility of detailed visual study, scientists managed to receive soil tests. Samples were taken by means of the equipment and are carefully studied by experts of the different countries, analogies to the terrestrial soil to them did not manage to be found now.
  8. If you find Venus in a night sky, then will be able to be convinced that it has very bright luminescence. Even without telescope it can easily be seen on a clear sky.
  9. Venus is called a morning star because it the last disappears from a sky during dawn.
  10. In spite of the fact that there is no special similarity between Earth and Venus, they are often called planets sisters, this fact is connected with the fact that the sizes of planets are almost identical. Even erudite astrophysicists in the reports often use the name of the planet of the sister.

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