The reasons of bad behavior of the child in family

The reasons of bad behavior of the child in family

In all centuries the main objective of parents was to grow up the child as the full-fledged harmonious personality. From the moment of appearance of the baby the dominating model of course of action in family which will help to approach achievement of the goal as much as possible gets out to light.

In society there are excessively strict parents depriving the child with attention. "All allowing" which at a given time lose control over children and sincerely do not understand what served as the reason for that. As a result, as soon as children grow up a little, in family the disputable situations caused by bad behavior of younger generation begin to arise. The predominating catalyst of bad behavior of children is relationship in family. It is possible to find out relationships of cause and effect at more detailed analysis of aspects of children's disobedience.

The loud, overstraining crying of the child without the reason which is seen on that. A main objective of the child – manipulation with parents. Such behavioural feature is peculiar to children diffident which thus seek to force relatives to be always with them. It is caused by immense guardianship and, as a result, fear of the child to take independent steps in the course of studying the environment. Initially it is worth moving away from the child as the pity will stimulate his uncertainty a little physically. Faith in the kid from all members of household, a praise for the most insignificant acts and absence the critics will lead to rather rapid change in behavior of the child.

Aggression, verbal mockery. These are symptoms of internal pain of the child at the psychological level. Touching adults and inflicting on them suffering, he renders them for lack of an opportunity to reveal and will share experiences. A lack of trust between family members – the main aspect of such process. The parental care which is followed by friendly conversations about inner world of the child will help the child to be protected from his pain and will correct his state.

Behavior of "clever man", never-ending altercations. Driving force – to deserve love of parents. Manifestation is provoked by lack of attention to the child, thereby he tries to prove the importance in family in any, even negative way. Enough more frequent embraces and involvement in all family discussions to give to the child feeling of recognition it as equal family member.

It should be notedIt should be noted what punishments of children in all situations will only aggravate the relations in family as the child pursues the aims, right for himself and will regard it as a call to fight. Will help to avoid punishments and to improve the atmosphere in family only mutual understanding and tracking all prerequisites of behavioural changes.

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