The relations without obligations - whether so they are harmless?

The relations without obligations - whether so they are harmless?

It is interesting and convenient to have relations without obligations. It is not necessary to report on the evening spent the day before, to report on an upcoming event, to acquaint the partner with friends and relatives. Such feelings as jealousy, concern, fear and responsibility are automatically swept aside. But what the similar relations can turn back?

Certainly, it is easy communication where nobody and nothing should not anybody. There is no place to dissatisfied claims, scenes of jealousy, hard words and hysterics. This more likely elementary temporary phenomenon useful to maintenance of sexual life.

Often such union helps to avoid the feelings of despondency and melancholy connected with recently endured rupture of intimacies. And simply, it is better and better to have though such relations, than to be to one. It is pleasant to have confidence in graphics of meetings, in constancy of the sexual partner. Financial economy plays a role and that is very important for many, maintaining personal liberty.

But whether so everything is actually beautiful how it seems? Often it happens that one of the parties begins to feel something bigger in relation to the partner. But understanding what in response to the recognition will hear though warm, but the refusal, hesitates to open and begins to pine and feel discomfort from the relations without obligations. There are those claims, alarm, feelings of jealousy and offense. As a rule, such union breaks up. To somehow try to keep it - only to delay torture. Over time thoughts of lack of prospect come. Very few people want to spend the life rest alone, without having near themselves really close and careful partner in life. Which, despite everything, will always be near, will support, will share all grieves and sorrows equally. Gradually there is a feeling of uselessness and emptiness in the relations. The boredom in the absence of the emotions characteristic to a condition of love progresses. There is no that feeling of ease, flight when as if wings grew behind the back, the code there is a wish to embrace the whole world and to shout to the whole world that it fallen in love and happy. Often endured similar period brings to a thought of the full-fledged family life based first of all on love which is not in the relations without obligations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team