The tango will help to solve character of the partner

The tango will help to solve character of the partner

In the love relations a lot of things depend on features of characters of the man and woman. Quite often business is not got on because partners cannot find a common language, are not able to interpret words and each other acts correctly. Trainings according to the Argentina tango will help to learn quickly and to easily define the relation of other people and even to guess features of their character, in dance of people often reveals stronger and most quicker.

Argentina often says that the first embrace can tell the dancer about the partner all necessary still before the first step is made. It seems to beginners surprising: and indeed, as about only one moment is possible, on short physical contact to understand that for the person near you and how it concerns you? Actually, to realize importance of embraces and interactions in the tango, it is necessary to try to dance most.

It is difficult to express an essence of this secret in words. However, having passed several lessons of the Argentina tango, you will feel all. You learn to notice behavior of different people in dance and even to it.

A lot of things can tell embrace of the man and how he holds the partner. How does he embrace her – gently, strong, surely, timidly, too poorly? How does he take a step – sharply, softly, with aggression, with caress? How does the woman react – tries to seize initiative, resists, allows to behave, trusts in the partner? The behavior of dancers can tell a lot of things and of their characters, and of their relations with each other.

The Argentina tango is always improvisation. When couple begins to dance, even partners, without speaking about the audience, do not know yet what will be the following movement. Dance always bears with itself surprises, disorders, difficulties which can be overcome brilliantly.

That partners were not confused in movements, and their tango looked faultlessly, they have to learn to feel each other intuitively. At such moments between the man and the woman really magic connection is established. Exactly thanks to it you will be able easily to learn to feel the partner, to see how he actually treats you, to understand features of his character. It will help you to make out even what usually people hide. It is a little experience, and there will be enough one embrace before dance "to be adjusted" on other person.

The tango requires from the dancer not just attention, and strong concentration. If the man is afraid to be a leader or hesitates of physical contact, and the woman does not trust the partner, becomes reserved, beautiful dance will not be. One mistake will follow another, and both dancers will remain dissatisfied. Interestingly, but the pretense attempt when the person in dance tries to prove to be not it what it is actually can result in the same result. For this reason one of the major abilities for the dancer of the Argentina tango – ability to be itself and to develop the unique style.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team