The third child in family: pros and cons

The third child in family: pros and cons

When in family there are already two children, the question of the birth of the third child is brought up infrequently. Whether it is worth giving birth? As a rule, parents long torment doubts before making any decision.

Experts in sociology who solve demographic problems of the state, consider what has to grow in any family at least three four kids. Only this way it is possible to protect the nation from extinction and to provide a good trend of increase in population. The opinion of the state not always coincides with opinion of family. Parents are a little concerned by country demography, it is more important to them to know that all family members will be financially provided, and the psychological climate of a cell of society will remain favorable.

Advantages of the birth of the third child

The third child allows the parents to remain longer young, it is approved by scientists. Really, with emergence in family of the third kid it is not necessary to think of a boring old age. Parents of three and more children all life remain vigorous and strong. With the birth of the third child the senior children have one more friend, the partner and the colleague. If the age difference is rather big, the first children study responsibility, this very important quality. If children are close on age, the third child banishes boredom from daily games as three kids are already the company. Especially it concerns those children who do not go to kindergarten. The third child is an opportunity to present love to one more loved one. For wise parents the fifth family member not a hindrance, but joy.

Shortcomings of the birth of the third child

The third kid in family is an emergence of the new column of expenses, as a rule, considerable. Not each modern family will pull load of the financial sphere. Of course, the state renders a certain help to large families. But in most cases this help – that a drop in the ocean, for full-fledged life it is not enough. It is much more difficult to cope with three children, than with one child or with two. Especially, if the age difference is small. It is necessary to have the patience of job and improbable firmness day by day to operate three kids. Many mothers having many children earn from this soil to themselves a nerve strain that besides affects children. The third child, anyway, takes away a maximum of parental love that is immediately felt by the senior children. There is a jealousy, hostility and open hatred. Psychologists claim that children need love regardless of age, and with the advent of the third kid the amount of parental attention to the senior children strongly decreases. The psychological atmosphere in family spoils.

Whether it is worth giving birth to the third child?

If conditions of accommodation of family and its financial position are at the worthy level if physical and psychological health of parents is normal, it is possible to give birth to the third child and it is even necessary. When both partners are stout love and are ready to share it with one more family member, without prejudice to other children and each other, the question of the birth of the third child already has affirmative answer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team