To be prepared properly for a wedding

To be prepared properly for a wedding

Darling made the proposal, the courtship took place successfully, day of a celebration is appointed. All wedding efforts, at the same time surprising pleasant and difficult, tangled fell down your shoulders. It is necessary to think over all details in advance.


It needs to be given in two months prior to solemn date. Time is let young people think, to discuss legal issues, to discuss the marriage contract, to decide whose surname will be carried by the groom and the bride.

Budget of a holiday

Celebration scales completely depend on the allocated sum of money. Perhaps, it will be a little budgetary wedding calculated on a narrow circle of relatives. And the magnificent holiday on couple of hundreds invited can.

Main in item of expenditure there are those things which will make a celebration unforgettable:

  • bride's dress;
  • groom's suit;
  • wedding bouquet;
  • autos;
  • rings;
  • host;
  • photo and video filming;


It is worth making the list of all friends, relatives, colleagues, just familiar with whom you would like to share the happiness. Then to choose witnesses. It have to be vigorous and cheerful people who will be able to organize repayment and entertaining actions. The mood of guests will depend in many respects on witnesses.


The most highly budgetary option is to buy a new dress. But it is possible to manage also a dress on a hire. Shoes (they need to be carried in advance), and also the mass of accessories are in addition necessary: stockings, diadem, veil, gloves, garters.

Banquet hall

The room needs to be ordered in advance. To decide on the menu, the concert program, a hall decor. Not to worry then, all is better to make beforehand. If decide to change an interior, invite the people who are a good judge of it.

Team of professionals

It is necessary to invite the host and musicians, it is possible the DJ. Do not forget about operators and photographers. It is better to entrust shooting to experts, but not to rely on guests with cameras.


It is possible to invite the friends and acquaintances owning a car, and it is possible to order a train. Often it is necessary to take buses for transportation of big group of guests.


Mailing needs to be made in two weeks prior to a wedding that all could include this day in the plans. It is in addition possible to ring round all.


Presently it is possible to order a culinary masterpiece. There would be an imagination. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team