To children - to sleep, to parents - to think

To children - to sleep, to parents - to think

Transition of the child from summer holiday to autumn educational cares has to be followed by special parental attention.

Solar and sea bathtubs, domestic and computer games, midnight withdrawal for sleeping and midday rise, – all this leaves together with summer. The nature and a civilization allocate sufficient time for sensible transition. Parents are already quite ready by school year, children are involved in reorganization. And if at important educational issues there are a lot of nurses, then at a dream, of course, it is less of them. A dream, to a dream to snomskorrektirovat a day regimen – a difficult task. First of all, it is mutual. Adults should forget that the child all summer "did nothing" and "got enough sleep much". And if he is accustomed to get up early, then and "there are no problems". The school student should reconcile to daily early rise and so early, but already evening, coercion for sleeping. It is together easier for all to accept a school regime call, than to multiply the internal conflicts.

The sleep quality affects concentration of attention and mood of the child. It is directly connected with formation of the relation of the school student to educational work. More than a quarter of seniors fell asleep at lessons at least once within a year. Change of food and sports requirements of the growing organism aggravate a situation. The dream, communication, an elektronikaseryyozny conversation has to take place concerning the TV and such electronic means of communication as the cell phone and the personal computer. Nobody belittles their educational importance, salutary stimulation of a brain. But artificial light of their screens suppresses the hormone responsible for calling of a dream. More than a half of teenagers of 13-17 years allocate the last hour before going to bed for electronic correspondence and audiovisual communication with peers. They really need maintenance of continuous and versatile interpersonal communications. Many consider themselves obliged to answer immediately signals and posts. 

It is difficult to recommend only an acceptable way which it is possible to accustom young friends to receive answers after a dream. The patience and persistence will act as the first assistants here.

The need for a dream has individual character, but anyway depending on age and school loading duration of night sleep is ranged from 11 to 8 hours. The criterion one – the child has to wake up vigorous. Experts recommend the earliest doing homework, an exception of coffee, energy, carbonated drinks in the evenings. Girls, undoubtedly, will better look, and boys will become stronger and courageous if just learn to sleep correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team