To love blindly - as it?

To love blindly - as it?

To love blindly – means to have this feeling contrary to everything. Examples of such love great variety, it is possible to observe it between parents and children, the man and the woman, relatives and even friends.

Blind love: examples of its manifestation, right for existence

Blind love call such feeling which lives, despite everything. An object of love can have a set of various shortcomings, defects, etc., but to it all the same someone has strong feeling. For example, the wife strongly loves the husband drunkard, and continues to live with him, without looking on any arguments and arrangements of close people and friends. She closes eyes to all its shortcomings, does not see or prefers not to notice them. Examples can be as much as necessary: the husband blindly loves the wife who changes him, mother loves the son criminal, the daughter strongly loves the father who left family, etc. long ago.

Why there is a blind love? Probably, because the people feeling it love certainly, initially without imposing any requirements to an object of the feeling, without laying down it conditions. Perhaps, someone will consider that the blind love in something is defective: for example, how it is possible to love the out-and-out rascal? That the person testing it has the underestimated self-assessment and cannot find to himself more worthy couple – in case of blind love between the man and the woman. But nobody has the right to judge this feeling: any love whatever it was – meek unfortunate, blind, has the right for existence. Why? Yes because this fine divine feeling in itself. Remember lines of the Spanish poet Lope de Vega: "It is impossible to offend by love".

Negative and positive aspects of blind love

But sometimes the blind love really can affect not in the best way an object of this feeling. For example, parents blindly love the only child, since childhood repeat to him that it is the best of all, very much protect from problems and experiences, justify all his offenses. What person will their son or the daughter grow up whether he will be able to construct further normal relationship with other people? Probability that it will not be able is very high, since the childhood having fallen a victim of blind parental love. Such child, most likely, will grow up the egoist who is guided by a thought that all are obliged to him by something and something have to. The blind love sacrificially – the person feeling it often realizes that that to whom it is directed cannot or is not capable to present reciprocal feeling of the same force. Therefore it is necessary to reconcile to what is. Blind love it is possible to call also the meek feeling which had despite the lack of mutual interest. But the blind love is capable to work also wonders. For example, the person stumbled, got to prison, spent in it several years, realized everything and decided to begin new life. Having released, he could make it, in many respects that the loving wife waited and waited for it. It could return to normal life just because someone believed in him, even when all turned away – friends, acquaintances, relatives. The love covers everything, Holy Fathers said, and this is truethis is truethis is true. Whether so costs, feeling blind love, to support, keep this feeling? Or it is better to try to get rid of it? Here everything depends on a specific situation. If you feel that your love is capable to save the person, inspiring him and doing better – love! If you are afraid that your feeling can do much harm, think of how to find the best way out. Perhaps, you should reconsider your relation to this person and to give it freedom – especially in case your love obviously weighs it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team