To speak one language with the teenager

To speak one language with the teenager

Most often, even the most responsible parents not up to the end realize that the similar period is very big test in the child's life, and close people are obliged to help children to overcome this period without serious consequences.

First of all the family and close people in general can help the child parental love and boundless patience. Despite external estrangement, for children it is very important to know that relatives are ready to listen to them that they can share with parents not only the progress and positive impressions, but also negative situations which happen to them, to give advice and to present psychological support at the time of despair. Parents, as a rule, listen, but do not hear the teenager, without understanding that if they do not hear the child right now, then will never hear.

Children are not be frank with close people because parents sometimes instead of support begin to stuff them with morals, annoying dialogues about advantage and harm of any given things, insisting decisively on the unconditional parental correctness and the authority. They tell banal: "Here I in your years... And you did not obey me therefore you suffer now". The parental egoism and hypocrisy is so shown, and children sharply understand and feel it. Teenagers thinly distinguish falseness, expose not only a lie of importunate morals, but also get savage from cold indifference because they are extremely vulnerable at this age and all perceive close to heart.

Many adults, grown wise life experience, say: "Awkward age – it is not terrible, this will pass". But here it was necessary to add: "The main thing that passed without consequences for the child", otherwise, it cannot already be corrected or wound off later a time ago.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team