To what behavior of the man it is worth paying attention on the first appointments

To what behavior of the man it is worth paying attention on the first appointments

Beginning the new relations, there is a strong wish to believe that this person really worthy and suitable for long and happy life. However many of us are mistaken and over and over again are disappointed in the elect. That it did not occur, it is worth turning for some moments of his behavior which are visible already at the first meetings.

1.   He badly speaks of the former. It is very disturbing call. Of course, it is pleasant to each of us to feel like the best, but in this case it is worth refusing doubtful praise. The ability of the man is worthy to leave the conflicts and the relations a lot of things speak about his nobility and the true maturity.

2.     Brags of prosperity. It is very pleasant to all of us to be invited to "expensive" appointment, but it is worth being very attentive in this question. Really wealthy people do not have sense and interest to expose the income on a public inspection. If your young man continually brags of quantity of the money it means that he is still a little boy, not played enough in "abrupt Man". Pay also attention that sometimes ordinary speculators so behave.

3.     He busily is interested who called you. On the first appointments such behavior of the man can say that the person controller got to you. As a rule, these people terrible owners, also treat the partners as if those belong to them. You can be ready that to you and a step will not allow to step without explanations and justifications. Whether you are ready to such relations?

4.     Pay attention as he communicates with others. Whether it is benevolent to waiters whether is rude to the taxi driver or the passerby who stepped on a foot? A lot of things will tell it about how he is capable to treat in the future both you, and your relatives. Of course, sometimes people skillfully pretend to be in the friendliness, but if it does not have it "in blood", then it pretty fast will give itself(himself).

5.   Your satellite is categorical. Whether he listens to your opinion whether he grants to it the right for existence? Or constantly argues and aggressively insists on the? Perhaps, he thus behaves with others? With categorical people it is very difficult to build the relations, and at all to reach compromise it is unreal.

6.     Blames all for the failures. Each of us has situations when the outcome of the case depended not on us. The worthy man can mention only for a moment this fact between lines. If your boyfriend convinces you that ungrateful and silly small fry all around, underestimate the true talent – run! Inability to take the responsibility for the life – the first sign of infantility.

7.     Observe how it spends money. Not important, what sum is available for the person, the squanderer will always exceed the opportunities, and the cheapskate on all city to look for actions. The healthy relation to money assumes ability to live within means: accurately understanding as you will live to the following salary, but at the same time being able to please sincerely itself and the girl.

8.     Glance in its car. No, we now not about its cost, and how it looks inside and outside. As far as the person cares for it how there it is clean and comfortable. On this sign people who are not capable to be accurate and attentive are easily found. As the man to care for the car, he cares also for the house, and for the family.

9.     Ask it to descend with you on the melodrama. Of course, not each man is obliged to shed a tear and be touched to the relations in Santa Barbara. But if your young man sits all evening with a detached look, yawns or in general sleeps – hardly you will wait from it for beautiful manifestations of feelings and ability about these feelings to talk.

10.  Ask it what he dreams of. On this question there is no correct answer. But the man will paint a picture of the desirable future, and you will only need to understand, on the way to you with it or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team