Types of temperament of the person

Types of temperament of the person

The temperament of the person characterizes features of his behavior and mentality. To give a total characteristic of temperaments, a lot of time was spent, a huge number of experiments and researches is carried out. Was actions of the person in various spheres of his life and situations are studied: houses, on vacation, at work and so forth. You have to understand that between a concept temperament and character a big difference. In total there are 4 types of temperament of the person: phlegmatic person, sanguine person, choleric person and melancholiac.

Temperament sanguine person

This is very emotional and active person who has a live mimicry and gestures. But often such emotionality can go into extremes that generally does not lead to anything good. On the face of the sanguine person all his thoughts and feelings are expressed, such people possess a high threshold of sensitivity and are very able-bodied. The sanguine person well concentrates in operating time and qualitatively carries out her throughout the long period of time. Such people are very clever and resourceful, they quickly get used to new conditions of living and work, and join collective. Easily trained people, can master a huge number of the directions. As for feelings, there is a frivolity here.

Temperament choleric person

Such person is similar to the sanguine person, but his behavior is often sent to the bad party. Choleric persons are very quick-tempered and impatient, they want all directly here and now. Such people are very persistent in the desires and will aspire forward looking, on anything, will not reach the desirable yet. Choleric persons extroverts, to them the opinion of people around is very important and they often pay attention to it. If the choleric person on something is concentrated, it is very difficult for it to switch to some other occupation.

Temperament phlegmatic person

Mega the active person who practically does not express the emotions often lives on contrasts. In respect of a mimicry and gesticulation the phlegmatic person the complete antithesis to the sanguine person. It is very difficult for it to get used to a new situation and to adapt to new work. But, looking at it, it is very able-bodied and vigorous in favourite business. The patience of such people reads off scale, they have enormous self-control. In new collective to the phlegmatic person it is very heavy as it is difficult for it to find a common language with new people.

Temperament melancholiac

These people are inclined to depressive behavior as they are very sensitive to external irritants. Melancholiacs are very sensitive and endure any tragedy very painfully. They are held very down and inexpressive. Self-confidence at such people is almost equal to zero if they have a problem in any business, they lower hands, and they can give up this business once and for all. Melancholiacs are very indecisive and quickly distract from any process. To such person it will be comfortable in a quiet situation where there are no what irritants.

Useful information

The temperament of the person is shown in all spheres of life, since the birth. Activity of each person, to be exact a way of implementation of any given action depends on temperament of the person. Here, for example, the sanguine person is ready to receive constantly new and interesting tasks for which performance he will wait for the words of a praise. The phlegmatic person needs to be interested and involved in work, but it is not recommended to change his tasks further. Over the melancholiac he needs to stand and specify field of activity constantly. It is necessary not only to praise it, but also to punish, it is only softer and is careful. And here with the melancholiac it is necessary to be extremely careful as such person very sensitive and vulnerable.

To define the temperament there is a large number of tests which are made by psychologists. They can be found in specially literature and of course on the Internet.

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