Typical mistakes of parents in "wet" business

Typical mistakes of parents in "wet" business

Each parent seeks to teach the child to go independently to a pot, to get rid of diapers and additional expenditure for them. But not all are capable to exercise judgment in the process of training of the kid, making ridiculous mistakes in the solution of the matter.

The first mistake – when?

Many parents and experts in the field of children's psychology and pediatrics would like to know accurately the answer to a question when it is necessary to accustom the kid to a pot? But, unfortunately, there is no definite answer on it and cannot be. All children are individual and development of the first year of their life by doctors is monitored proceeding from approximate criteria. The child has to nothing to nobody. It is important to understand and accept it. One is capable to learn to empty intestines and in half a year, and another only by 3 years understood that was wanted by relatives.The second mistake – pressure

To teach the kid to use a pot parents want. He does not know about their plans at all. Therefore it is not necessary to press on the child if from the first there was a misunderstanding in a "wet" question. It can last from several days to several months. The main thing is to acquaint and interest the kid, to explain what the subject is and for what it is necessary.

It is very important to choose the most suitable time for training in similar process. It is necessary to postpone it if the child is ill or it cuts teeth. Daily rituals that he easier them transferred have to accompany any innovation in life of the tot.

Nervousness of the training persons

Children as sponges and very well feel nervousness of adults. If to train the kid it is impossible to go to a pot a long time, and all climb with councils, then it is necessary to abstract from internal doubts and to plunge into process of training of the specific child.

And, at last, the last mistake – punishment

In "wet" business it is not necessary to hurry and to demand from the kid too much. If suddenly he did not manage to report for some reason to adults about the coming depletion of intestines, it is not necessary to punish him. He can become reserved and process of training to a campaign on a pot will be dragged out for many years.

It is important to remember that only the stock of parental patience will help to achieve positive result in "wet" business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team