Values of modern youth

Values of modern youth

Each generation brings something new in development of society. However at the same time all new is based on old bases. The youth is a reflection of the direction of development of society. Looking at young people, it is possible to understand where and for what purpose society moves.

Sometimes elderly people abuse youth, considering that they behave not as followed. However at the same time you should not forget that these elderly people and brought up new generation. Of course, values of modern youth differ from values of last generations. But this quite normal phenomenon which shows that society does not stand still. The only problem in this question which can be alarming is if values change not for the better.

What values of youth?

Vital orientations of modern youth changed the vector, having left from social (collectivist) orientation to individual. Personal material well-being became the main aspiration of each person. Unfortunately, the value of compensation began to be appreciated more freedom or values of interesting work.

From here the attention of youth to it public to problems as increase in prices, crime, inflation, corruption, social division of society, an environmental problem, passivity of citizens results.

The civic stand and social needs left on the last positions, having given way to problems of material security and health. However, in spite of the fact that in questionnaires the youth chooses among the first such value as health, in practice we see that the aspiration to a healthy lifestyle is expressed rather poorly.

Results of social researches say that in TOP-10 vital values of modern youth such values enter:

  1. Family values.
  2. Material welfare.
  3. Communication, friends.
  4. Education, interesting work, self-realization.
  5. Freedom, independence.
  6. Prestige, situation in society.
  7. Rest, hobby, sport.
  8. Communication with the nature.

Apparently from the list, family values at youth are on the first place. Enters this point as the family of origin in whom the person was born and grew, and future family which is planned to be created.

Though traditional values do not lose the importance for new generation, however stronger and stronger influence of the material values and ideals of youth expressed in desire to be successful, influential, rich is felt.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team