We minimize expenses on a wedding

We minimize expenses on a wedding

The wedding - very joyful and pleasant event, but it demands many expenses. Even if you do not plan fountains from Dom Pérignon champagne and Urgant as the host, you should fork up much. But I learned at first hand that expenses on a wedding can be cut down considerably without prejudice to your main holiday!

1. As they say - economy begins with account! Get a special notebook in which you will write down all expenses and also the addresses of shops, phones and so forth. A belief when all necessary information is in one place, it is very convenient. Thanks to such notebook you will visually see where your money leaves.

2. Appoint the extreme sums. For example, the maximum price of a wedding dress - 30,000 rubles. Do not take the sum exceeding a limit in shop - you will surely spend! And still, an important point - never measure a dress which is not able to be bought, otherwise only to yourself you will spoil mood and you will be eternally pursued by thoughts that you did not buy that ideal dress.

3. Any wedding trifles in salons are time in two more expensive, than on the Internet or in the market. Same quality, and economy considerable!

4. Carefully choose the photographer, the host, musicians, the designer of the hall. Now in this business the big competition, and you can employ the professional for the small sum.

5. Do not take the jewelry on the car in a hire bought by you jewelry you can easily sell and at the same time will be able to return a part of expenses!

6. And, at last, call more guests! The same expenses, well will a little increase for restaurant, but your wedding will be able to pay off completely and, perhaps, still will remain on a honeymoon trip!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team