Wedding as at celebrities

Wedding as at celebrities

Ordinary weddings differ from star in the scope and the size of expenses. For celebrities not only the celebration, but also an opportunity to get to news columns, and is good advertizing. Any person can organize a smart holiday, it is important not to regret money only.


1. Celebrities usually for an action choose not just restaurant, and the separate lock or a cottage. It is convenient for all participants, in the park it is possible to hold a ceremony, in the banquet hall to put tables for a lunch, and still to place everyone for couple of days for further rest. It is important to select the house carefully that all had enough place and it was convenient. It is necessary to pay not only for rent, but also for decoration of rooms. Stars often pay dressing even of bathrooms that the celebration was remembered for very long time.

2. Star couples at a wedding show magnificent suits. Magazines long tell then about the bride's dress, a suit of the groom and bright jewelry of couple. Doing a wedding, order clothes from the famous designers, it is better if dresses are exclusive and created manually. It is worth paying attention to details, everything has to sit ideally and do couple charming. It is not necessary to choose a lot of jewelry, there will be enough several things, but their cost has to strike minds.

3. Weddings of celebrities differ not in the number of guests, but collective. Seldom who tries to invite more than 500 people, usually and is 200 enough. But among these people there have to be famous persons. Relevant will be to invite stars which in front of cameras will congratulate young people, politicians, businessmen. The more will be star persons, the better. Besides stars ask to make a speech at an action someone who enjoys wide popularity. Today even foreign stars with pleasure attend such events for a certain payment. The choice of the leader is important too, it is impossible to trust it to the beginner, only true professionals famous to the whole country are worthy to host a similar wedding.

4. The star wedding differs in a large number of a talk about an event, but also discussion of the event. Whether to invite reporters or not, each couple will solve itself, but it is important to create interest in the press that hundreds of people waited for the report from this event. It is possible to tell about cost or to give information on invited, and it will allow to draw a lot of attention. Qualitative photos, beautiful videos will be kept in personal archive, but the best shots can be placed also for the public.

5. To create a star wedding, it is not necessary to stint surprises. Beautiful cake will be very well taken by guests, entrust it to the best confectioners of the city, and execute in unique style that nobody forgot. Make the final of an action unforgettable by means of fireworks. It has to be bright and very big salute that all understood that this unique celebration which will never be forgotten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team