Wedding: rules and councils

Wedding: rules and councils

The wedding is a sacrament in which the union of spouses receives the blessing of God. If you made up the mind to so serious step, then it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account some moments and to know the basic rules which need to be observed to and during the wedding.

Dresses of the groom and bride

The main requirements concern a dress newly married here. The dress for a wedding has to be white color and standard length, and the bride's shoulders - are covered. The head also should be covered - a veil, a wedding cape or a scarf. The groom can put on a traditional wedding suit of reserved (not bright) shades. The groom and the nevet have to be baptized, also do not forget about crosses worn on the neck.  

Choice of witnesses

Witnesses, as well as newlyweds, have to be baptized. It is better to choose two as growth of men slightly higher, than newly married. The fact is that witnesses should - hold hard business wreaths over the heads of the groom and bride. In some temples it proceeds about 25 minutes, and then wreaths are put on on the head. However in other churches, perhaps, it will be required to hold wreaths all ceremony, and these are from 40 to 90 minutes.

And if without witnesses? Such option is possible too. When the bride is not afraid to damage a hairstyle, and wreaths approach by the size, it is possible to put on them on the heads at once, without calling for the help of witnesses.

What needs to be had for a wedding?

  • Two icons for a wedding - the Savior and the Mother of God. If in your family there are no such icons, then it is possible to buy them in the church booth.
  • Wedding rings for a wedding.
  • Wedding candles (are on sale in the temple).
  • The bench hammer for a wedding.
  • Four scarfs.
  • Passports and marriage certficate.
  • Wine, candies and bread.

When it is possible to get married?

To choose date of a wedding, it is necessary to be verified with the wedding calendar. It can be found on any thematic website.

How to dissolve a church marriage?

Only the bishop has such right. For this purpose it is necessary to show the divorce certificate, also, most likely, it is necessary to explain the concrete reason of divorce. Then, if there are no initial obstacles, blessing is removed.

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