What age difference at spouses is optimum

What age difference at spouses is optimum

Optimum age difference of spouses the fork in three - is considered five years. Psychologists, investigating couples which lived long and happy family life came to such conclusion. But from all rules there are exceptions, and this version of experts also contains additional points.

The age difference - if the woman is more senior

On the same researches it became clear that "the happy fork" in three - works five years not only when the man is more senior, but also if the age of the woman is more, than at the spouse. Psychologists explain it with the fact that to the people born in one short period of time, most often interestingly with each other. To them is what to talk about, most often there are similar memories of the childhood, school, institute. They listened to one music, watched some movies. As a result of it they created the same outlooks on life. And it helps them to find a common language, to cope with difficulties of marriage. That is it is not important at all who in family the senior - the man or the woman. Marriage with such age difference can quite become happy.

The age-mates born in one year or with a small difference, are also capable to create strong couple. To them easily together because of community of interests.

The age difference in six - - what to expect eleven years from marriage

The following period of time - a difference between age of spouses in six - eleven years. In this case it is already rather important that the man was more senior. If in twenty - thirty years such age difference is still not too noticeable, then after forty it becomes obvious that the spouse is much more senior. Closer by fifty years it begins a climax, hormonal reorganization. At the same time age changes of the face and body are more and more clearly shown. While her spouse is still rather young and capable to interest young girls. Therefore if in such marriage there were no strong feelings, respect and trust between spouses, it most often breaks up.

From all rules there are exceptions. There are couples where the woman is ten more senior and more years - and they live happy life. You should not be trusted blindly researches of psychologists, it is necessary to take into account and the feelings.

Age difference more than eleven years

Such marriages are happy in case the senior spouse chooses to himself in the wife the woman capable to go on compromises. He sees in her not only darling, but also it is a little child. He wants to edify it, to teach. At the same time he is ready to take completely the responsibility for her life - to provide, solve problems, to appreciate and love. And if the woman is ready to be sometimes compliant - there can be quite happy family. And if she is very independent and all the behavior shows what does not need guardianship of the man, it can lead to disagreements and parting.

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