What bad little girls attract men with

What bad little girls attract men with

Often parents teach the daughters to be obedient "good girls". They hope that their daughter will grow up the friendly, respectable, obliging woman. So, she will be able to find to herself the good husband. But life not always meets such expectations. Also it is often possible to see that on the "correct" woman of the man honor or do not pay attention at all. In her there is no that sexuality, fire, spirit, the drive, an azartnost and thirst of risk which distinguish "the bad little girl".

What it, "bad little girl"?

They say that men are attracted by "bad" little girls. Whether but all? Probably, no. In life there is nothing unambiguous at all.

The conducted researches showed that 18% of men look for cheerful women, 14% - those that can stand for themselves, 35% - "bad little girls".

What invests in the concept "bad little girl"? Happens and so that for one it bad, for another — good, and for the third — any. There is an opinion that the "bad" little girl — that that learned disappointment, closed the heart and moves forward, leaving the broken male hearts on the roadside. These women want to prove that they have beauty and appeal to all men, especially for those, who already have in life other woman. Having been self-assured, in the irresistibility, "the bad little girl" forces also the man to believe in her beauty and uniqueness in everything.

To subdue such girl very difficult. She always tries to break the man, throws down him a challenge, than and dooms him to the long exhausting fight for the sake of gaining obstinate. Such women are called still "bitches". On a question whether "bitches" are pleasant to it, each man will answer negatively and for life they usually choose other women. But at a meeting with this person in soul of the man the hunter wakes up, the soldier also appears insuperable desire to receive a trophy. "Bitches" are unpredictable: one day she responds to courtings, on following — rejects only the man assured of the victory, than kindles even more his desire to storm resistant top.

What gives communication with "the bad little girl"

Some men strive for the affair with "bitch" for the sake of self-affirmation: accompanied by her many would like to come, but she came with it. For the sake of it the man is ready to suffer a lot of things. With the bitch the man feels more liberated, does what he would never afford with other girl, "suiting only for wives". Often "bitches" - clever women and quite often they are heads of departments in which employees — men. For the slightest miss "bitch" can masterly humiliate the person in front of all. She is often hated, but at the same time some very much want to subdue her and use for this purpose the considerable efforts. For women who look for the beloved aspire in marriage, a question, than bad little girls attract men, remains relevant. What it to be? The respectable girl, clever and always ready to erase, iron, remove and every evening with a smile and with a hot dinner waiting eternally somewhere for the late husband? Or bright, irreconcilable, always ready to get into a dispute, to insist on the "bitch" causing desire to give gifts, to be near her in men? As always, truth somewhere in the middle. Wise woman always different: she understood long ago that in it "bad" and "the good little girl" peacefully get on with each other, and men who are attracted only by "bad little girls", most likely, just do not exist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team