What can be the reason for disappointment in the person

What can be the reason for disappointment in the person

The disappointment in people, in particular in relatives, can become the cause of a long depression and also deterioration in opinion on all people around in general. It is even worse when at the same time the person begins to accuse himself for the fact that he so strongly was mistaken in someone.

The most common causes of disappointments

Quite often the disappointment arises because of initial wrong assessment of character of the person, his abilities, knowledge, talents. Key phrases in this case: "I hoped that he will make it", "It seemed to me that he is rather decent", "I expected that he will arrive differently". I.e. people mentally mold images of people around and can strongly be disappointed when it appears only illusion.

The more the hopes laid on someone the are stronger chagrin when these hopes are not equaled. In this case it is important to understand what put not so much in the person, how many in wrong ideas of it.

Other widespread problem – "wrong", from the point of view of condemning, behavior. It especially concerns arrangement of priorities. The chief can be disappointed seriously in the young talented employee if that refuses to work overtime for the benefit of firm, having preferred to spend time with the family instead. It is necessary to consider that each person is individual and free to dispose of the time and resources as it is convenient to him if it does not do harm to people around.

The serious reason for disappointment – treachery. It, as a rule, becomes also the most terrible, causing strong negative emotions. The treason, a lie, slander, frequent deception, intrigues trudging behind the back of close people – all this can become once known for the victim of treachery. In this case it is difficult to avoid disappointment, especially if feelings were strong.

Why people are disappointed

Violent promises can become the reason of disappointment also. Than expectation was stronger, the this word is more important, the more painfully then to understand that words at the person disperse from business. It is even worse if it leads to serious problems with money or with health.

One outstanding promise still it is possible to forgive, especially if it is about force majeur situations. However if the habit to pledge the word and not to hold it began to be shown often, it will be possible to avoid disappointment hardly.

In rare instances the disappointment reason in the person can be even in some data which the person found out quite recently. As a rule, it is the facts from "shadowy past" of idols, whether it be the adored singer or the family member holding big authority. Even if the person changed for a long time, some offenses made by him before can destroy a new attractive image and disappoint seriously.

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