What can tell the first kiss about

What can tell the first kiss about

Everyone prepares for the first appointment in own way. However all romantic meetings are united that in most cases they are the first step to the serious relations. Most often the first kiss occurs during the first appointment. Not important, who takes this plunge, but this moment can just tell you very important information on the person.


1. If during the first appointment the man kissed you quickly, you noticed some tension in spite of the fact that your satellite rather self-assured and resolute looks, then this fact is sign of the return. The fact is that men who quickly kiss the companion on the first appointment will never show initiatives in the relations. It is pleasant to such men that directed them, and the initiative and activity of the woman in this case have to be at the maximum level. If you have modest and constraining character, then to hold on yourself attention of such gentleman will be very problematic.

2. Other option of a result of the first appointment - sure or even rigid kiss of the man. Opinions of women concerning such situation are ambiguous. Someone will consider it sign of composure, tendency to manipulations or excessive self-confidence. However actually men who imperiously kiss the companion on the first appointment in most cases are ideal for creation of the family relations. Such males differ in some conservatism in outlooks on life and love. The main quality of such man - devotion to the purposes and interests. If your relations proceed and you will become married couple, then your satellite will hardly give a reason for doubts or jealousy in the address.

3. One more category of men prefers to show the feelings gently and romantically, they try to take the first steps most accurately. The first thought which can arise at the woman at such moments - the satellite is afraid to offend the darling, it lacks determination or he simply doubts that its feelings are mutual. Actually such man, taking the first step, waits for further actions from you. If you are able to draw the correct conclusions and will turn a situation to the necessary course, then your elect will follow you so much how many it will be required to you. The main thing - be not overzealous and be not too straightforward.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team