What compliments are pleasant to girls

What compliments are pleasant to girls

Girls very much love when men praise them therefore it is very important to guys to know about what compliments are pleasant to women to please them and it is pleasant to make it.


1. Know that girls, though are greedy for compliments, but after all they prefer original men. For certain some women time heard about how fantastically they are beautiful what wonderful hair and harmonious legs at them. Therefore you have to understand that you will surprise with such banal praise nobody. Be observant. The fair sex appreciates it. Try to notice not only what is given by the nature, but also what is done by the girl to be pleasant to guys. Estimate her hairstyle, manicure, suntan, new shoes or a dress, tell that you very much like a blouse which color emphasizes depth of eyes of your beloved or just familiar.

2. Remember that all compliments have to be given sincerely. If you dissemble, the girl, most likely, will notice it and, maybe, will even take offense at you, having taken your praise for impudent flattery, sarcasm or irony. Your honesty and sincerity is capable to eclipse even awkwardness of phrases which you use to express the admiration.

3. Girls very much appreciate compliments which concern not only her beauty, but also economy. If you were on a visit at the woman, praise her culinary abilities or homeliness, an order in the apartment, creativity of the room. It is possible to think up anything, emphasize the main thing that you noticed what she is a wonderful hostess. If you have any plans for this girl, mention a phrase that would always dream to have such clean, accurate and careful companion of life nearby. Believe, she by all means will estimate it and will even begin to think that it would be quite good to enter into the relations with the man who appreciates its qualities.

4. One more moment to which it is worth paying attention - behavior of the girl in any given situations. Perhaps, you liked any given its act. You are not silent. At once tell the lady that she behaves adequately that her outlooks on life coincide with yours. Remember, perhaps, at you she somehow supported one of the friends, gave advice concerning some difficulties and their decisions. Estimate it. Tell the girl that you consider her the wonderful person as besides the external beauty, it possesses also internal.

5. It is not important at all that you praise in the woman. Important how you speak about it. It is necessary to give compliments confident tone that your companion did not suspect you of insincerity at all.

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